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Which Services Do you Need?

A brief description of our main services.  If you have a bespoke requirement, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Further information and guides can be found on our Resources page.

Topographic Surveys

Whatever the project being considered, an accurate plan of the existing site detail is essential.

A topographic survey of your site produces an accurate and detailed plan identifying both the natural and man-made features within the area.

This typically includes ground levels, surfaces, building/structure footprints, boundary features, trees and service covers.


Topographic survey data can be supplemented with existing map information the Ordnance Survey to provide greater context.

Tower Surveys South use of the latest equipment and software and our experienced land surveyors will collect, process and deliver your topographic survey data accurately and quickly.

Our standard specification will provide topographic survey data to OS National Grid Co-ordinates and OS Datum levels using OSTN15/OSGM15 parameters.


Information will be supplied as 2D and 3D data in electronic format .

Measured Building Surveys

For any refurbishment or renovation project, an accurate building survey is essential. 

Floor Plans - Floor plans may be required for record purposes, area calculations or for refurbishment. The standard prerequisite is to survey internal walls, doors, beams, windows, stairs and sanitary ware.  Other detail such as radiators, lights, switches, pipework and other fixtures can also be specified.

Building Elevations - Elevations can either be drawn as "Fully Detailed" or "Outline", depending on the project requirements.

Roof Plans - Pitched roof detail will be generated from observations taken from ground level.  Details on flat roofs may be measured directly, depending on access and a specific risk assessment.

Cross Sections - Using a combination of the above information, cross sections may be drawn through the building at specified locations.

Engineering Surveys

Control Networks - We can establish primary and secondary control networks for your project.  Either to a national or local co-ordinate system.

Volumetric Surveys - Either determining the volume of specific stockpiles or providing a record of any cut/fill activities that are or have been carried out.

Verification Surveys - Often referred to as "As Built" surveys.  This can be used as an independent check that a structure/road/earthworks have been correctly built.

Monitoring - To determine whether a structure is moving and the rate of movement.  The same principles can be applied to earthworks (cuttings/embankments) and also ground remediation projects.

Setting Out - Please note that due to the typically complex nature of setting out work (number of stakeholders, external consultants, etc) and the associated risks & liability, we don't offer setting out as part of our standard services.

If this is a particular service that you'd like to discuss, please contact us and we can explore ways to minimise & mitigate the risks to all parties.

If you are interested in a service that we don't offer directly (laser scanning, utilities tracing and CCTV surveys), please head over to our associates web site - Tower Surveys Associates Ltd, or contact us directly and we will be happy to provide further guidance and suggestions.

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